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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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everything right here. but earlier you could follow the trail of the debris and see the path that the tornado cut right through this neighborhood. an f1 tornado with wind speeds more like 100 miles per hour flattened parts of this landscaping business in santa rosa, busted through the back gate. >> it bent it that way and left it that way. that's a lot of force. >> reporter: it sent everybody scrambling. >> it was kind of scary. >> reporter: have you ever seen anything like that. >> no. >> reporter: what did you think? >> i was scared out of my mind. >> i couldn't believe it when you start seeing something flying through the air like we're in kansas. we don't have things like that happen here. >> reporter: no one was at this home, where high winds tore tiles off the roof. still some were stunned when the weather service confirmed all of this damage was caused
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by a tornado. >> reporter: back out here live, the owners out here told me this tornado is really a double whammy. business was already slow, and now they've gotten in contact with their insurance to see how much this is going to cost them. mark tamayo confirmed just a couple of hours ago it was a tornado that touched down in the north bay. >> you get an idea of the distribution to have the damage it gives you pretty much the signal of a tornado. at 7:15 just some rain showers out there. we'll put this into motion, you can see at 9:15, that was the thunderstorms that produced the tornado. ef1, it goes from ef0 to ef5. that means winds 86 to 100- miles-an-hour.
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that happened this morning at 9:15. we did have a tornado warning for other parts of the bay. you can see basically just off the san mateo coastline. that hook echo with tornadic development. roughly just over a half hour. as far as the latest right now on live storm tracker 2 radar. here we go with the coverage. not too extreme out there. no reports of severe thunderstorms. we'll take a closer inspection right now. the bulk of the coverage focused on parts of the south bay. we'll move up the bay for frank and oakland. and looks like we have more enhancement closer to the west of san rafael. rainfall rates will be picking up at least in the short term. coming up i'll have the shower chances for tomorrow also the timing of another storm that will produce very strong winds. i'll have more of that coming up in just a few minutes. more now on a developing
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story out of the sierra tonight. the chp says at least one person was killed when 30 cars and six big rigs collided in heavy snow. as you can see from this caltrans camera, traffic is at a standstill right now. the chp says people in the bay area may want to wait until tomorrow before heading into the sierra. >> we have to not only ensure that everybody who's injured gets treated but we have to clean up all the damage cared. we have an awful lot of snowfall coming down. we can't open the road until that snow is cleared off. we will continue to update you on this accident. and bring you more information on the 10:00 news. this amateur video shows a powerful waterspout actually touching down off ocean beach around 9:30. waterspouts don't generally turn into tornadoes on land. generally they fall apart when they hit the shore.
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we spoke with the young man who video taped this waterspout. >> there was this huge, looks like it's a funnel thing. so i said, oh, maybe i can take a picture of it. >> reporter: just a few minutes after this waterspout, the national weather service issued a tornado warning for san mateo county. some peninsula -- our ken pritchett spoke to peninsula residents spooked by the tornado warning. he joins us now live in the santa cruz mountains with this story, ken. >> reporter: when we talked with you at 5:00 from our location at the summit. at 5:00 you could barely detect the rain coming down. what has not changed is that traffic is still moving at a pretty good pace. now it was raining hard most of the day. and that rain lasted through much of the afternoon. this is santa cruz as the storm rolled in with strong winds, acompanied by heavy rain.
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the mountain town of boulder creek receive add good soaking. the weather soon arrived in downtown san jose where just crossing the street was an ordeal. in san mateo the situation was more serious. for a brief time, when a tornado warning was issued just before noon. stephanie padres works in a near by school. >> it's just warned everybody to stay indoors. there's a tornado warning and we just weren't to go outside until they heard other wise. >> reporter: plenty of people were outside in downtown san mateo despite the warning and the weather. >> it's been torrential i just came from sunnyvale. it's been very scary on the freeway. this is near milpedas see that rooster tail of a splash. those cars are driving through 3-inches of water according to the chp. >> people just need to take it really slow. >> reporter: we talked to chp officer lori gonzalez at the
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scene of a dual trailer crash on highway 101 near mountain view. the truck smashed a highway sign and ended up in the bushes backing up traffic for about a mile. the driver is okay. fortunately his fuel truck was empty. >> the car in front of him applied their breaks, he also tried to apply his breaks. it skidded on the wet roadway. >> here in the santa cruz mountains when weather rolls in, it's not unusual to see accidents here on the roadway. i checked with the chp a short time ago, despite the wet records, roads, right now there are no accidents to report. ken pritchett, ktvu news. anti oakland activists are marching right now calling for clean alternatives in the wake of japan's disaster. the activists believe nuclear
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energy is inherently unsafe and they are calling for power from wind, solar and wave sources. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. we'll have a full report including what workers inside that plant are saying about its safety. radio active particles from japan's crisis are now just reaching the bay area. sounds bad but do people really need to worry? ktvu's health and science editor john fowler has been talking to scientists in berkeley today about any potential health risks, john. >> just after an hour ago, a source told me that minute trace amounts linked to japan have been discovered over the bay area. they are vastly lower than the background radiation you see here on our monitor about .13. the new detections are hundreds of times lower than that. now the good news also is that the rain has lowered this
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already low background radiation even more. >> right now berkeley scientists are sampling this rainwater. >> the first rain brings most of the radio active, if this radio activity brings it down, we can collect. >> reporter: rain makes the air even less radio active. they look for tale tell spikes on this monitor. you can see no tall spikes in the red area where the worrisome iodine would be. only a few atoms are making it to california. that's because this didn't happen. this is the metal jacket around nuclear reactor fuel. berkeley scientists say it was fire that made -- so bad. steel rods got hot but won't burn or explode. >> we don't distribute it is
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over miles and miles. >> no, given the measures and given our expectation nothing to be worried about. >> reporter: and the live right now right here radiation background in berkeley is .14 microsebels per hour. that's still very low radiation. these new well below background detections pose no threat. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler, ktvu news. the rush to stay safe from radiation is bringing in big money for some businesses. today iodine pills are available but they are also being sold with a warning sheet. the pharmacy says the risks of
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the pills don't always outweigh the benefits. the threat level is now at a level five. however there is some good news tonight. japanese workers expect to have power restored to the number winston one and two reactors by tomorrow. it is hope that they will be able to get water pumps operating at the plant allowing them to cool down the fuel reactor. japan paused for a moment of silence to honor the thousands lost and even more missing. today the prime minister said quote we are going to create japan once again from scratch. despite today's stormy weather, search teams were busy looking for more of those boats that sank.
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i want to show you video, ten boats sank. eight have been pulled up so far. divers today located one of the two remaining boats and searched for any sign of pollution. >> we also did take a look to make sure there was no motor attached and did my best to see if there was gasoline or fuel tank or anything like that. >> reporter: operations to remove the remaining sunken boats are on hold for right now. the coast guard says it will not allow any recovery activity until this storm passes. ktv has a special section dedicated to the recovery from the earthquake and tsunami. just look under the japan tab. and now to sacramento where lawmakers still have yet to vote on two key pieces of governor jerry brown's budget proposal. lawmakers must decide whether to place a taxics tension measure on a special election ballot. the deadline to put the measure
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on a june ballot is quickly approaching. now that we stepped up and made cuts and very difficult cuts, it's now time for both democrats and republicans to give people the choice. votes on the remaining issues most likely won't take place until next week. the white house says president obama will return to the bay area next month. the president met with high tech leaders in wood side you may remember. details of his upcoming trip are being withheld for security reasons. but the president will talk about job growth and the economy. it'll be his ninth visit to california. porn gets a new name online. a historic decision to create a new place to find porn on the internet. find out why it's angrying international groups and porn companies.
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new at 6:00, pornography websites are now getting a new web address. ktvu's david stevenson is live now in san francisco on why it's not so simple to >> reporter: triple x marks the spot where porn companies say they don't want to be. .com today opened its adult cousin to the web. in san francisco eye candy international group that sees top level domains voted to >> this is almost like a vanity license plate if you will. >> reporter: adult websites won't be forced to convert but the domain is backed by many governmental groups worried that the labels will offend cultures around the
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world. >> we didn't do it lightly. we didn't disagree with governments for the first time lightly. but on balance after, it's been several years of consideration. we've moveded in that direction. >> provide such opportunity for government sensorship which other wise don't exist. >> reporter: triple x domain -- for the first time there will be a clearly defined web address for adult entertainment out of the reach of minors and as free as possible from fraud or malicious computer viruses. >> one of the worries that we have is that it's going to give participants a false sense of security. but for parents trying to block access for their kids if they think that if they just go to.xx is a safe place, they are still going to be googles
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and.coms of course. >> reporter: it's unclear when the domain will go on sale. but thousands domains have already been requested. and the safety of the munni tunnels are being called into question. some tunnels have never undergone a seismic inspection. munni recently found corrosion and cracks during a visual inspection. >> for seismic and earthquake we don't know and this doesn't tell us when an earthquake will happen what will happen. >> reporter: no cost has been given for a full seismic study. but we do know it'll cost at least $6 million to repair the damage found during that visual inspection. hundreds of people who work in downtown santa rosa may soon
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lose their free parking. the owners of the santa rosa plaza mall are negotiateing with the city now to allow them to charge for parking. mall officials say 20% of its 3,000 parking spaces are used by people who aren't going to the mall. the city council would have to approve the plan. caltrans says it'll be at least a month before highway 1 along the big sur coast is reopened. on wednesday, a huge section of the highway fell into the ocean 13 miles south of caramel. just a few hours ago, caltrans determined 150 feet of road was damaged. and another 700 feet is unstable. crews are digging water now, diversion. all the rainy weather is creating rainy weather conditions out on the road. it's been like that all day. and a few hours ago this car overturned not far from sfo. the chp used a special traffic break maneuver to slow down drivers as they approach
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another accident. and more rain is heading our way tonight, bill martin is off, mark tamayo is here with the latest on what's next, mark. >> still lingering rain showers right now. and that plan will linger into saturday as well. but the next storm there is another storm that moves in for the second half of the weekend. right now the maps on live storm tracker 2 here. you can pick up the coverage. still lingering rain showers especially for the southern third of the region closer to morgan hill and gilroy. the maps to the north and still darker shades of green right around parts of marin county moving to vallejo. there's still more development just to the west of ocean beach as you can see some active activity right now moving in. for tonight we do have this more clouds out there, occasional showers tomorrow the possibility of some thunderstorms.
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our next organized storm moves in on sunday. that will be packing heavy rain, and the key difference strong gusty winds. here's what happened earlier today. especially this morning about 8:00 and 10:00. all the severe weather for tomorrow, moisture moving in from the pacific, we have to hold on to the showers still the possibility of a thunderstorms. look what happens as we move into sunday. another storm develops offshore. this low will be just offshore. it's going to generate strong gusty winds from the south and as a result wind speeds will be on the increase in addition to the heavy rainfall. strong enough as far as the winds, a high wind watch kicks in. we could have gusts easily topping 60 miles per hour especially for the higher terrain. that will be the primary concern at least for the second half of the weekend . for this
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evening, the wind gusts could be high for this evening and tomorrow morning. pretty much the same story 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. temperatures, the cool down has arrived. most areas in the mid- to low 50s. san jose we'll go 57 degrees. here is our look ahead. there goes that rainfall on the second half of the weekend. rain on monday morning, scattered clouds on tuesday. but julie and frank, a good idea to charge up the cell phones, because looks like we could have power out ages for the second part of the weekend. and president obama ordered all attacks to stop against libyans. this was the scene earlier in libya as people celebrated the
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u.n.'s department to place a no fly zone. the seize fire in libya eased investors concerns and helped push stocks higher. the dow raised 83 points. the nasdaq also did well. the new name coming to beta breakers that you may have never heard of.
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some new life tonight for the world famous beta breakers race. redwood city based zazzel announced today that it is now going to sponsor the race. zazzel personalizes things like t-shirts and i pod cases. race organizers have announced the ban on alcohol. fred is here for mark tonight to tell us all about sports. >> this would be a pack 12 conference game. tonight cal and colorado face each other in the second round of the invitational tournament. we'll have highlights at 10. arizona in the white jerseys
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took on memphis. wildcats break the 68 tie when jones gets the three pointer. memphis still has life. they steal the inbound pass. joe jackson gets the put back here and suddenly it's a one point game with just under 15 seconds left. they miss the free throw here on purpose. they get the rebound. tigers whiterspoon takes aim but derrick williams blocks the shot. that's it. arizona hangs on 77-75 over memphis. tennessee's bruce pearl probably hosted their last game. they got hammered in cleveland. that's tim hardaway jr. with the right stuff. michigan becomes the first team to win a game without making a single free throw. how about that behind the back pass there. 75-45 michigan wins.
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in cleveland in the white jersey taking on villanova. mason trailed most of the game. big three pointer there and the patriots take the lead. 21 second left. villanova has a chance too tie it. mike phor morrison with the exclamation point. we'll have a lot more tonight at 10:00 including the warriors. >> big dunk at the end there. >> my wife is an exvillanova, she's not happy tonight. >> no. >> thank you for joining us. join us tonight.
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